Welcome to the Team: Thomas!

Welcome to the Team: Thomas!

We wanted to give a quick shoutout and welcome to our newest trainer, coach, and team member: Thomas Hettrick!

Welcome to the Team, Thomas!

Tommy comes to Charleston from New York, where he had an extensive background in acting for 10 years in Manhattan.

During his time at Marymount Manhattan College, he was also an avid swim instructor and gave lessons during his actor training.

He has always been involved in fitness, and knows the importance of physical fitness and how it directly affected his acting career.

Now, Tommy wants to turn his attention towards coaching and helping others.

When asked about his philosophy for training, here’s what he had to say: “My training involved tons of movement training specifically, and I think this gives me a unique perspective on the mind-body connection with regards to fitness, treating the body as an instrument. While training, I was a swim instructor for years, so I’m knowledgeable about training with a special focus on correct form.”

We are excited to have Tommy begin his new trainer onboarding, and are excited to have him coach classes and lead you in your personal training sessions.

If you are looking to make progress towards your fitness goals during the next 90 days, Tommy will begin taking on new clients as early as September 12th.

To reserve your personal trainer at our West Ashley location, click here to chat with a coach today!

Welcome to the Team: Thomas!

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