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Fat Loss is NEAT

Fat Loss is NEAT “Focused exercise is not enough.” With warmer weather, you have a “NEAT” chance to make even more progress toward your goals. In the fitness world, NEAT is an acronym for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Simply: This is the energy you burn when

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Burn More Fat, Exercise Less

Burn More Fat Exercise Less “Strength training is extremely important. Even more important than doing just cardio.” Metabolisms are confusing. “I can’t lose weight because my metabolism is slow.” “He can eat whatever he wants and not gain any weight because his metabolism is so

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3 Pillars of Fat Loss

3 Pillars of Fat Loss. “I am the type of person that wants to be strong, lean, and athletic looking without sacrificing my social life.” Fat loss is a $72 billion dollar industry in the US alone. You likely don’t need to transform your entire

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