THE Hustle One Fitness STORY

James Engesser - OWNER

Who We Are

Hustle One Fitness is the manifestation of years of experience, various ideologies, education, trial and error, and pure joy for being able to work with members of the community to improve their fitness, and lives overall.

Hustle One Fitness will be home to various programs, which allow every individual a daily opportunity to reach their personal fitness goals. Unlike other functional fitness facilities, Hustle One Fitness will have class fitness options that do not have an entry barrier.

Meaning, any person off the street can come in and participate in one of our daily classes. Additional programs offered will include Personal Training, for those looking to receive guidance for more defined fitness goals. Understanding where fitness is, and where the fitness trend is going, Hustle One Fitness desires to be at the forefront of where innovation meets fitness.

Hustle One Fitness Vision

To provide inspiration for health and fitness, while changing lives one workout at a time.

Hustle One Fitness Philosophy/Mission Statement

Hustle One Fitness is a community where every age, ability, and fitness level can come together, under one roof, to improve their lives and well-being. The goal of Hustle One Fitness is to create a welcoming environment that allows clients to experience fitness as part of their larger Hustle. By interacting with clients for one hour a day, Hustle One Fitness hopes to create positive change that will occur in every aspect of life.

OUR coaches

Jeremy Wolf


Personal Trainer (NASM CPT), Certified Nutrition Specialist, USAW Level-1, Power Athlete Block 1

Josh Buckley


Group & Personal Trainer,
CrossFit Level-1

Sean Ashoff


Group & Personal Trainer,
CrossFit Level-2

Megan Urban


Group & Personal Trainer, Certified 1-on-1 Coach

AJ Grim


Group Trainer, Certified 1-on-1 Coach

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