Better Carbs? A Better Question

Better Carbs? A Better Question.

  • Nutrient Dense vs. Calorie Dense – More micronutrients or more calories.
  • High Volume vs Low Volume – A large volume of food for a few calories or a small volume of food for a lot of calories
  • High Fiber vs Low Fiber – Does the carbohydrate contain fiber and how much? Fiber is essentially undigestible material that is good for gut health and doesn’t add calories.
  • Slow Digesting vs Fast Digesting – Does the carbohydrate digest very rapidly and leave you feeling hungry sooner, or does it digest slowly?
  • No Added Sugar vs Added Sugar – Is the carb source processed with additional sugar to make it sweeter and more crave-able?
  • Simple vs Complex Carbs – Are you eating carbs that are more plain sugar or carbs that are part of whole food?
  • Low Glycemic vs High Glycemic – Does the carbohydrate digest and absorb quickly or slowly, thereby making your blood sugar go up fast or slow?

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