We want you to achieve your New Years Resolution!

We want you to achieve your New Years Resolution!

Some of you will join a gym in 2023.

But will you still be going in February or March?

That’s up to you.

Personal Training West Ashley SC

This month gyms are going to see the results of New Year’s Resolutions: people flooding to sign up for a membership.

That’s great- but according to the International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), half of all New Year’s members are back on the couch by July 1.
And, 85% of those who start going to the gym on January 1st, fall off and quit by January 21st.

Those numbers, or course, are stats including larger corporate gyms that don’t offer high-touch services, like us. That’s why we offer personal training!

They sell 96% more memberships than they can fit in the place. They know you will spend a little each month for a long time. You will walk around, use the treadmill a few times, be overwhelmed and not come back.

If you lack expertise to know what workout to do in what order to get the results you want, you need a coach.
If you don’t want to get injured, or if you have existing injuries, you need a coach.
You need a coach to motivate you and keep you going when you fall, because you will fall- we all do.

Don’t become a statistic this year.

I have 160+ clients and 8 staff, including me.

The high employee to client ratio is how we provide the coaching it takes to keep people moving and on track for years, not weeks.

Personal Training West Ashley

I spend hours each week talking to my clients, helping them overcome their challenges, and shine the light on their path to their goals.

The pic is a women that has been coming to my gym since we opened in 2019. Even through covid and gym shutdowns, even while being pregnant and having a beautiful baby, she has shown up consistently at least 3-4x per week for the past 28 months.

The average Planet Fitness gym has 7,500 members and can hold about 300 people. How many of the 7,500 do you think went consistently 3-4x per week for the past 3.5 years? Did Planet Fitness offer workouts & accountability during covid shutdowns?

I’m currently working with 8 women and men 1-on-1 and can only take on 3 more personally in February.

If you are searching for a lifestyle change and not another quick fix, then click here to chat with me!

The first 5 responses to let me know you are interested in coaching, the coffee is on me! We’ll go for a chat and see if we get along and would work well together. It’s definitely a partnership that needs the right mix to thrive!


We want you to achieve your New Years Resolution!

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