Trainer Spotlight: Sean Ashoff!

Trainer Spotlight: Sean Ashoff!

We have to shoutout Sean for his great coaching, and as the man behind the scenes for Lift+Sweat programming for the past few months!

Programming for Hustle One is not easy as there’s a lot of backend work that goes into each week to make sure we provide you with the best workouts around. I definitely made it tough on any future programmer with establishing Flow Day early on, but Sean has stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park!

Sean came down to Charleston from Pittsburgh right before the pandemic, to live with Erin. He’s been coaching in the fitness industry for years now. He has a knack for him being able to be extremely personable and relatable with others. That’s why he fits so well on the coaching team!

If you didn’t know he’s a lawyer, but currently he works in the Charleston Law School offices helping shape the minds of the young, aspiring lawyers coming up through law school.

Sean is the only person at Hustle One who likes the overhead squat, and when he’s not at the gym, you can find hime watching soccer, doing house renovations, or playing with his dog, Kaya!

I’m pumped to have Sean on the team!

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I’ll see you in the gym!

Trainer Spotlight: Sean Ashoff!


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