November’s Members of the Month: The Herrin Family

November’s Members of the Month: The Herrin Family!

Judith and Drake joined Hustle One Fitness back in February, and began personal training with our coaches.

They came to Hustle One because they wanted a new, exciting, and different gym routine.

Fast forward a couple of months, and you can catch Judith and Drake in the 7:30am class every day! They are 7:30am OG’s, and always bring a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a great outlook on life. They even show up on burpee day!

We have to mention and shoutout Judith and Drake’s daughters, Emma and Gracen. Three days per week you can catch Emma and Gracen working out with Coach Jeremy during Hustle One’s Teen Class.

Since they began, they have increased their strength, their speed, and most importantly, increased their confidence level inside and outside the gym.

The entire Hustle One community is inspired by these two teenagers who have made a commitment to their fitness at a younger age!

Fun Facts!
Judith and Drake, where are y’all from?

We both grew up in Charleston, we met as teenagers, and started dating after college.

Favorite thing to do as a family outside of the gym?

We love to spend time on the boat out at Edisto.

What do you do when you are not at Hustle One Fitness?

Drake is a realtor at Carolina One, Judith works at MUSC, Gracen is a senior at School of the Arts, and Emma is a sophomore at Academic Magnet.

When/How did you realize Hustle One Fitness was the right fit for you and your family?

Funny story, we joined Hustle One without asking any questions about what kind of gym it is. After the first class, I came home and said, “OMG, what did we get in to?! Aren’t we too old for this?” We decided to come back the next day, and the rest is history. We are hooked, and love the workouts and community.

What is your favorite family meal?

Going out for sushi followed by s’mores by the campfire.

Who is the strongest?


Do you compare workouts when at home?

Absolutely! We all love to complain about what was the hardest part of the workout and who has the sorest muscles.

What is something about you that Hustle One members do not know yet?

We have 2 high maintenance dogs that we spoil daily.

What advice would you give to someone just getting started at Hustle One Fitness?

Just keep showing up, Be Consistent! Every workout can be scaled to fit your needs, you’ll always finish!

Tracking your accomplishments in SugarWod is really helpful and fun to see your improvements week by week.

What advice would you give parents with teenagers?

If you want to raise healthy teens, you need to be a healthy adult. Teens need to see their parents exercising and eating healthy.

Keep healthy snacks around the house and eat dinner together.

Talk, talk, talk to your teen. Keep asking questions and find a way to make them laugh every day!

We are so excited with the progress and results of Emma, Gracen, Judith, and Drake, and cannot wait for their future successes in 2022!

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November’s Members of the Month: The Herrin Family!

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