Jagoda lost 30 pounds in 1 year!

Jagoda lost 30 pounds in 1 year!

We have to shoutout one of our amazing clients, Jagoda!

Jagoda has the perception that she could never lose weight, because she tried in the past and failed to hit her goals.

After joining Hustle One for personal training, she saw immediate results through strength trianing. But she always felt like she could do more!

This past summer, Jagoda prioritized her nutrition and made a conscious effort to eat clean, limit the sugar, and focus on protein.

Here are her results!

In 1 year, she lost 30 pounds and dropped 7.5% body fat. Incredible!
Jagoda lost 30 pounds in 1 year!

Here’s her story!

“When I started, I was looking to gain a better understanding of how to appropriately approach food and to see the impact that it would have on my body composition.

I definitely got too comfortable with being uncomfortable in my own body, and was looking to get serious about my nutrition to see some physical changes in my body.

I was always at the gym working hard, but I wasn’t seeing the muscle growth and fat loss I wanted. My diet was pretty well balanced, but I struggled with continuous weight gain over the past couple of years.

It was time to ask for some help, and I’m glad that I did!

The hardest part was that mindset change when it came to food and learning how to limit indulgences. Sweets and wine were my outlet for a hard day at work. Also, I enjoy drinking socially but I realized my interpretation of an 80/20 lifestyle was a little different than what it was supposed to be.

Unlearning subconscious habits that have been present for years was really hard, but the accountability provided through the nutritional coaching program made it way easier!

I realized that my goals were possible!

For years, I thought I had tried everything possible to lose the weight I had put on over the years and I was convinced nothing was going to work. But the truth is, I never took the time to focus on approaching nutrition correctly. In terms of physical changes, I saw consistent changes in my body, but my body also felt better. My energy levels and sleep quality are way better! 

I accomplished way more than I thought was possible!

Compared to last November, I am down 7.4% body fat, 29 pounds and 5 pant sizes!

More importantly, I feel confident in my body. I feel confident in who I am, how I present myself and what I can accomplish in and out of the gym. 

My goals now are continuing to become stronger, continuing to focus on the importance of a well-balanced diet and lifestyle all around.

My main focus is learning how to keep myself accountable when it comes to nutrition and not letting myself go down the same road of continuous weight gain again.”

We are so excited for Jagoda and her results so far! This is why so many of our members chose Hustle One in the first place!

The best advice we can give anybody trying to achieve similar results like Jagoda: focus on consistency over the long term.

If you’re tired of starting over every week, month, or in January, then you need to connect with one of our coaches today!

The best thing we offer at our personal training studio in West Ashley is accountability.

Click here to schedule your FREE consult, and we’ll make a game plan for you!

Can’t wait to see you in the gym!

Coach James

Jagoda lost 30 pounds in 1 year!


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