Got To vs Get To

Got To vs Get To

Success starts in your mind.

It begins with your acceptance and willingness to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

If you are mentally checked in, you will succeed.

Have you ever started to think of fitness as a chore?

Is it something on your list that you just try and check off everyday?

We’ve all been there, and its not uncommon to go through waves where some days, weeks, and months, you are pushing yourself in the gym and with your nutrition.

And, some other days, weeks, or months, you may have your fitness or health on the back burner.

We get it.

That’s why we want to share a little psychological tip with you to shift your mindset.

We understand that fitness isn’t your passion.

Somebody isn’t holding a gun to your head and making you go to your personal training sessions.

Literally, nobody is forcing you to go to Hustle One Fitness.

But, when you think that you “got to” go to the gym, it acts like there is external pressure.

The “got to” mindset is absent of passion and commitment.

You’re only going to the gym because you accept it as something that is generally good.

When you shift your mindset to “get to” the gym, a big mindset can change!

You “get to” workout.

Your body is healthy and strong because you “get to” workout.

When you “get to” go to the gym, its becomes a privilege.

“Get to” is growth oriented, because 100% of your focus is on yourself.

It allows you to keep and form intrinsic motivations as to why you should workout and be healthy.

So, our tip: Next time you begin to think of fitness as a chore, look inward at your mindset and realize why you are working towards health, and realize that you “get to” be or do anything you want in life!

When you are ready to “get to” go to the gym, click here and we have space for you.

Got To vs Get To


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