From Being Nervous On Day 1 to Deadlifting 200 Pounds, Here is Kyle’s Story

We just had to share Kyle’s story!

Kyle has been a member of the Hustle One community before the gym was even open. He has been working out consistently 4-5 times per week for the last 10 months. That’s no easy feat to achieve, but Kyle’s progress and results are directly related to his determination and work ethic. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you immerse yourself in a motivating environment with like-minded individuals.

Here is his story!

I was interested in Hustle One because I was looking for a new experience in the gym. I thrive on that sort of “one on one” style and classes; it makes me more motivated and accountable. (We couldn’t agree more!)

My first impression was a good one. I was nervous about being in classes with people who are in MUCH better shape than me, but everyone has been awesome and encouraging. I feel like I can walk into the gym everyday knowing I won’t be judged, and can focus on myself.

Weightlifting and working out with a barbell was new to me. Gaining strength and confidence took some time, but squatting 185 pounds and deadlifting 200 for eight reps was a bright spot for me.

My favorite Hustle One memory so far is seeing my progress photos! It’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror daily and not see the results, but those photos proved otherwise. And people telling me that they’ve noticed an improvement is also a blessing.  We have a mutual acquaintance in common, and he tells Jeremy all the time how awesome he thinks I’m doing. It’s encouraging!

Kyle is the hero of his own story.

He took it upon himself to seek out help, and we are so lucky he entrusted Hustle One Fitness with his goals.

We know Kyle is staying motivated, and we cannot wait for his continued success!

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