Client Story: How Kerry Made His Way Back

Client Story: How Kerry Made His Way Back

Kerry just reached a huge milestone: 100 Days of Personal Training!

This is not the first time Kerry has done personal training, but this is the first time he’s remain committed and consistent to his fitness and health goals.

Two to three times per week, Kerry makes the time for himself to personal train with one of our professional trainers at our West Ashley gym.

Kerry has reaped every benefit of personal training: workouts solely focused on him and his goals, maximizing time in the gym, and having an accountability partner in his trainer to make sure he remains on track.

We love witnessing Kerry reach his goals, and cannot wait for his future success!

Here is his story!

“I have worked out in the past and fell off the wagon.

Getting back into the gym at 60 seemed daunting, but I am so glad I reached out to Hustle One Fitness.

The staff and trainers are helpful and I feel my training program is tailored specifically to me.

They are serious about providing a great workout during the scheduled time.

One of my biggest concerns was feeling out of place. I love the welcoming environment and love working next to people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

I never feel judged! This allows me to focus on myself, and work harder during my personal training sessions!

I encourage you to stop by and see for yourself!”

Our goal at our small, West Ashley gym is to help you reach your goals.

We do this by forming 1-on-1 personal connections with each client. We want to better understand your goals and the motivations to reach those goals.

It all begins with a free conversation with one of our professional coaches to build a path for you.

If you would like to chat with a coach today, click here to schedule your session!

The first step is always the most difficult, but if you can take that first step, then you can accomplish anything!

Client Story: How Kerry Made His Way Back

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