Client Story: Erin F.

Client Story: Erin F.

We need to brag about one of our members, Erin!

Erin is one of our most consistent and long time members at our West Ashley gym!

Commitment is extremely important, and Erin has shown that day in and day out.

With a busy work schedule, and commute into downtown, Erin manages to find the time 5-6 days per week to get to the gym and work towards her goals!

We love having Erin as a member of our community because she is a great example of consistency and hard work!

Here is her story!

“Hustle One Fitness drew me in with its accessibility. It was not an exclusive gym full of super fit, all-star athletes. Instead, it felt like a gym designed for any person who might walk through their doors.

Two years later, this community and environment continues to be a place where I am encouraged and supported.

My favorite memory was from this spring when our gym hosted an in-house competition. It was amazing to see the community come together and support each other in a fun environment!

Before each workout, I tell myself that even if I don’t do as well as I hoped, that it’s okay. I still showed up, did the work, and took the time to focus on myself.

Making the choice to be at the gym is not always the easiest, but afterwards I always feel grateful I did!

If I could tell the person I was before I started at Hustle One one thing it would be that the first step will always be the most difficult, but the people around me want to see me succeed, and are dedicated to helping me do that.

Everyone at Hustle One is there with the same goals: live stronger, healthier, and fitter lives.”

Our goal at our small, West Ashley gym is to help you reach your goals.

We do this by forming 1-on-1 personal connections with each client, so we can better understand your goals and the motivations to reach those goals.

It all begins with a free conversation with one of our professional coaches to build a path for you.

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The first step is always the most difficult, but if you can take that first step, then you can accomplish anything!

Client Story: Erin F.

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