“Can I get fit before Thanksgiving and Christmas?”

“Can I get fit before Thanksgiving and Christmas?”


But, only if you start now.

90 days. That’s the time between now and Christmas.

It seems like a lot of time, but when you break it down and really look at it, 90 days will fly by FAST!

That is why it’s important to begin now.

“Okay, but where do I begin?”

First- Start here.

Second- Meet with a coach.

Third- Work together to create a plan right for you.

Finally- Get started.

That’s all you have to do. The rest is up to us!

We find out exactly what you want to achieve, and then will build a step-by-step plan for you.

A general timeline to seriously reach your goals is 90 days.

Say you want to lose 10 pounds before Christmas.

The first 30 days will be helping you get into a routine and creating sustainable habits.

Our goal for the first 30 days will be to hold you accountable to your workout routine three times per week.

Without even focusing on the scale, you will begin to feel the weight trim off as you sweat, move, and focus on strength training and cardio.

The next 30 days will be reaching those initial goals you and your trainer set.

By the halfway point, we will measure your progress and ensure you have lost at least 5 pounds.

And the final 30 days will be the push to the finish line!

How much more weight loss is needed to lose 10 pounds?

Knowing this number at the beginning of the 30 days, your trainer can customize the final push towards your goals to ensure you are successful!

Every 30 days, we will help you set mini goals.

Think of it as your own 30 day mini-challenge.

But, unlike other challenges you might have done, we will always provide you with the next step to continue your progress.

We don’t want this to be 90 days and then done for good.

We want this to be a jumping off point for the rest of your life.

Needing to lose weight? We can help with that!

Wanting to build muscle? We can help with that!

Do you need structure in your daily routine? We can help with that!

No matter the goal, and no matter where you are starting, our knowledgeable trainers can help you take that first step.

That first step is always the hardest.

But once you take it, each step after that will get easier and easier.

And we will be with you every step of the way!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to get fit for the holidays, and finally reach your 2021 resolutions, then you have to begin now!

What’s the worst that can happen?

You will meet new people.

You will have more energy throughout the day.

And, you will get fit and improve your health in the process!

“Can I get fit before Thanksgiving and Christmas?”


Your time is now… let’s begin!

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