Burn More Fat, Exercise Less

Burn More Fat Exercise Less

“Strength training is extremely important. Even more important than doing just cardio.”

Metabolisms are confusing.

“I can’t lose weight because my metabolism is slow.”

“He can eat whatever he wants and not gain any weight because his metabolism is so fast!”

Everyone knows they have one but nobody truly understands how they work.

Calories in vs calories out was the old way to fat loss, based on exercise demands.

The new way is determining your caloric needs just to stay alive, your BMR.

The Basal Metabolic Rate can be defined as the number of calories you need to stay alive without any additional movement or activity in your day.

Literally, your baseline metabolism.

Imagine laying in bed for 24 hours straight and doing nothing.

You don’t move your arms, legs, sneeze, or cough (that requires movement).

If you think you are burning zero calories, then you would be wrong!

In fact, laying in a completely static position, doing nothing, is responsible for 60% of the total calories you use on a daily basis.

These calories are used for repairing cells, breathing, pumping blood, organ function, and feeding your calorically expensive brain allowing you to think.

Without fancy machines, knowing your exact BMR is impossible.

There are numerous calculations and formulas out there on the internet to go through

The simplest way is to multiply your bodyweight by 10, and that will be a good estimate of your BMR (base calories you need to stay alive).

The relationship between how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn is the secret to optimizing your metabolism.

Strength training is extremely important. Even more important than doing just cardio.

The amount of calories required to repair cells is directly correlated to lifting weights, repairing, and building muscle tissue aka resistance training.

Strength training burns more calories, burns more fat, and increases your BMR over the course of a day. You put a demand on the muscle tissue that needs repairing.

The excess fat stores in your body provide the energy to make this all happen.

Burn more fat, exercise less.

To sum it up, strength training provides you with higher fat loss throughout the course of a day, and we can help show you how.

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