5 Star Google Review

5 Star Google Review

Michelle began personal training at our West Ashley gym because she has big goals!

She knew she needed some accountability and consistency in her routine to help her reach her goals.

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“Once upon a time, I lost just over 150 pounds through diet and exercise.

During that time, I worked with several trainers at several different gyms.

I know the difference between working to build muscle and working to lose fat. Losing fat was a big part of my life between 2012-2017. Sadly I gained 85 pounds back.

Now I’m back at the gym!

And not just any gym. I chose Hustle One!

I was very upfront from the beginning that I struggle with depression, anxiety, low self esteem and low motivation.

The team at this gym seemed to make it their mission to get me in for at least one workout.

Complete and total life changer. These folks are the real deal!

They actually CARE about YOU. They will structure every workout around your abilities and goals.

And trust me, they’re watching you work out.

My trainer knows what I’m capable of doing better than I do.

They will push you, they will encourage you, and they will ABSOLUTELY change your life.

I’ll always keep my reviews honest- it’s not inexpensive, but all I had to do was cut out DoorDash expenses and alcohol expenses to easily manage this positive health change for myself. Alcohol is empty calories anyway.

And my reward? Feeling good about myself again.

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5 Star Google Review

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