The Cost of Personal Training is Invaluable!

Personal Training West Ashley SC

The Cost of Personal Training is Invaluable!

Congratulations to Meghan D. for reaching a big milestone!

50 Workouts!

Meghan works right near our gym in West Ashley, and finally summoned up the courage to begin personal training!

50 personal training sessions in so far, and she has lost weight, built and toned her muscles (just look at the photo above), and has increased her strength in different movements!

When asked about her personal training, this is what she said!

“I decided to join Hustle One Fitness because I was turning 40 years old and want to feel great!

I was drawn to Hustle One because every time I walked by, the energy in the gym was contagious. 

I have big goals! My goals are to wear a two piece bathing suit and feel confident!

The greatest highlight so far is hearing compliments coming from people that are noticing my body changes. It’s hard to see results in the mirror sometimes, but hearing other people compliment me is an amazing feeling!

I have learned that I can keep up with my hubby, and I’m jealous that he is close to 150 personal training sessions.”

We are so excited for Meghan’s results during her first 50 personal training sessions!

We cannot wait to see how much she progresses during the next 50 personal training sessions!

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Personal Training is the best way to reach your goals fast, and get fit for summer! (Read more here!)

The Cost of Personal Training is Invaluable!

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