5 Cheap & Easy Protein Foods

5 Cheap & Easy Protein Foods

When it comes to nutrition, consuming adequate protein each day can make a HUGE difference!

If you have ever worked with us for nutrition, one of the main habits we help you focus on is consuming enough protein.

You may be asking ‘why?’ Protein is extremely important to lose weight, slim down, tone up, and change your body composition. It also helps you get stronger. Eating protein helps you build more muscle. And the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn. Pair that with the strength training you can do at Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley everyday, you will see really great results.

If you want to learn more about why protein is important, check out this article!

Protein is also one of the hardest macronutrients to eat! Just because it can be so dense, and most of the time you have to prepare it.

But, here are 5 cheap & easy protein foods that you can eat everyday:
  1. Eggs! Eggs are a great way to get in easy and quick protein. Have them for breakfast or a snack during the day, and they will help you stay full until your next meal. *1 Large egg contains 6 grams of Protein*
  2. Canned tuna or fish! I think some of you see Rebecca eating tuna before she coaches some morning classes. It’s quick and easy, cheap for sure, and one package can have 20+ grams of protein.
  3. Plain Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese! There are so many different ways to eat yogurt or cottage cheese. Have some with fruit, nuts/seeds, add some PB or honey, and you have a full meal! *1 serving has roughly 17 grams of Protein*
  4. Whey Protein Powder! This is a great source of protein that can be consumed easily right after your workouts. Do not rely on protein powder all the time, because you always want to aim for whole foods. *1 scoop can contain 24+ grams of Protein*
  5. Ground Turkey/Beef! Ground meat can cook fast and be used in a variety of different meals and dishes. Easiest recipe for lunches is ground beef and veggies. Switch up the veggies so you don’t get bored and boom! *1 serving of ground meat can have easily 24+ grams of Protein*
If you want to see really great results really fast, make it a goal to eat 1 more serving or protein each day.

If you do this for 7 days straight, I can guarantee that you will feel better, workout better, and look even better!

Nutrition can be the difference maker of reaching your goals, or staying where you are.

I don’t want you to waste any more time in the gym without seeing amazing results.

If you’re struggling with your nutrition, or just need some more basic guidance, click on the link and I’d be happy to chat!

I’ll see you in the gym!



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