Youth Athletic Program

The Youth Athletic Program at Hustle One Fitness will introduce your teenager to proper movements and techniques they will experience in a high school or collegiate strength and conditioning program.

Your teenager will learn to move seamlessly and effortlessly through space. The workouts will focus on breaking down the major movements found in sports, so that your teenager can increase strength, flexibility, coordination, and more importantly, reduce their likelihood of injury on the field of play. We will break them down to the most fundamental movements then progress loads and intensities for each movement.

Form follows function. There is no exception to this! That is why we will perfect execution during all major movements.

As non-contact injuries are on a drastic increase among youth athletes, a startling 70% out of the roughly 200,000 ACL injuries per year are non-contact injuries!

Knowing and understanding this information, it is our duty to look at the why. Generally speaking, these injuries stem from poor training, and even worse, movement patterns fostered in an uncontrolled athletic setting.

We strive to create an atmosphere where your teenager can learn proper techniques, and begin to lift weights safely.

Our goal is to instill a love for fitness and health that will carry on for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of our program include:

1-on-1 attention with a certified professional

Technique focused sessions

Small group training

Movement proficiency

You may be asking, “Why should I send my kid to you?”

The goal is not only to help reduce non-contact injuries, but to drastically improve athleticism for sport. Our athletes will walk away with a competitive edge they need to succeed in their chosen sport.

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