Your Buffer Against Sickness

The recent COVID-19 outbreak definitely is an eye-opener that we are not immune or invincible against sickness and disease- no matter how “healthy” we are.

This is also a time to invest in our own fitness and health and make the changes we need to move as close to fitness as we can.

Quarantines and closing of gyms have equated to you living a more sedentary lifestyle.

Quarantines and closing of gyms have given you an excuse to fall off your workout routine, slack on your nutrition, and begin drinking because there is nothing else to do.

This is the best time to invest in all aspects of your health.

Stress can lead to sickness, and can exacerbate any disease process. Therefore, it’s important to have a plan in place to destress and step away from the news, social media, and COVID hype.

This will look different for everyone, but the important point is to establish a plan to refresh your mind, just as you do your body.

Looking back, why did you stop your fitness routine in the first place when quarantine hit?

I will put money on your lack of accountability from your own personal coach and trainer.

Change is most likely going to occur in people when they have accountability.

Relying on yourself to do home workouts and exercise will be productive for the first few days, but it will wear off. You will lose motivation. You will lose determination. And you will choose to skip workout days.

Why? Because you won’t have the accountability you need.

I encourage you to invest in a method for accountability.

This could be a group of friends that measures and tracks their daily steps.

This could be committing to morning or nightly walks with your significant other.

Or, this could be connecting with a remote coach that puts your fitness first and offers online classes and 1:1 daily workouts and check-ins.

The bottomline, your goals will be reached with somebody holding you accountable.

The options you choose will vary, but I think we all know we need to change and we need to do our part in keeping ourselves as close to fitness as possible.

P.S. Let this current worldwide pandemic be your eye-opener and your reason to change.

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