Why Fat Loss Is Frustrating

Why Fat Loss Is Frustrating

“You most likely won’t see results until the end of week 2 of your diet.”

You made the commitment to lose the weight, cleaned out the pantry, and bought all of the chicken breast and broccoli.

This time it’s going to work, no excuses, the fat is going to fly off.

Three days in, no sugar, no bread, no carbs, and then the scale doesn’t move even a tenth of a pound.

How discouraging!

Then one day, you eat an extra piece of fruit, miss your workout, and a pound flies off!

What is going on?!

It must be a coincidence. So you try it again. You eat an extra piece of fruit, miss your workout, and another pound flies off!

There must be something to eating extra fruit and not working out.

Sorry, but those have no correlation.

But, this is how our brains work.

We connect causes and effects that would never make sense under any circumstance except for fat loss.


One pound of body fat equates to 3,500 calories.

Therefore, in order to burn a pound of fat, you need to expend 3,500 calories more than you consume.

This is also why fat loss is so frustrating. You have to expend a lot of calories daily!

You most likely won’t see results until the end of week 2 of your diet.

Fat Loss Is Patience

Fat loss won’t happen overnight.

It won’t happen after eating a salad.

It won’t happen because you worked out today.

Don’t worry, fat loss takes time, and the early stages of dieting are about creating good habits.

Yes, you can lose weight in the first couple weeks and many people will, however, it isn’t because of a magic solution.

Why Fat Loss Is Frustrating

Three Options to Guide You

1. Base caloric needs off of lean body mass vs. total body weight. This will very likely put you in a caloric deficit automatically.

2. Create a caloric deficit of 500 calories/ day. By the end of the week, it will equate to 3500 calories and you will lose roughly 1 pound of fat per week. 

3. Increase activity level and drop calories by 250/ day. For you active folks, this is a much more sane way to do things. I prefer movement to starving so I ALWAYS choose increased output and smaller deficits for sanity.

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