When “Self-Care” Turns Into Amazing Results

When “Self-Care” Turns Into Amazing Results

Melanie has been working out at our gym in West Ashley for a few years now. And before she came to Hustle One, she was experienced and consistent with fitness.

The current fitness plan she was on at the start of 2022 was good: consistently at the gym 3-5x per week, always worked hard in classes, and has been doing the same routine for awhile.

When you’re as experienced as Melanie, it’s difficult to attain new goals and see new results.

She knew she needed to jump start new habits, and she did just that.

Take a look at Melanie’s incredible transformation and experience!
Way to go, Melanie!

What were your nutrition goals? Why did you want to focus on your goals to reach those goals?

I have been doing working out for a while, but I reached a point! I realized I needed to jumpstart some good habits. (See 3 tips you can do to make nutrition easy) “Self care” was my focus, and I also want to look good and feel good. I knew this meant losing weight, but I was more focused on getting my body composition to look a little more trim versus what the scale would say.

What was the most difficult part of getting started and sticking to it?

The most difficult part of getting started was committing and not letting excuses get in the way. When I sat down with James, I knew I wanted to be “more fit” so I needed to follow through on the plan we set. Although we had friends coming into town a week after setting up a nutrition plan, I told myself not to let this be the excuse- I could still enjoy myself, but in moderation. From there, I saw I could set routines and still be social, but I had to plan for “cheats” and ensure I wasn’t blowing out all progress for a meal or drinks that weren’t worth it.

What did you realize through focusing on your nutrition for 90 days?

At the start of my 90 days, I remembered voicing that I was worried all of my progress in the gym would come to a halt and I wouldn’t be hitting milestones. I just started to do some new things and hit heavier weights, so I thought losing weight meant losing gains. Over the last 90 days, I’ve realized that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Putting the RIGHT fuel in my body has helped me in the gym and brought in some great gains.

What did you accomplish?

In the last 90 days, I’ve lost 13 pounds and 2% body fat. That’s even more than I could’ve imagined and I can’t wait to keep working! My nutrition journey has also contributed to me refining my pull-up skills and lifting heavier weights than ever.

What’s next?

I want to continue focusing on nutrition and workouts at Hustle One to become more fit. I’m going to bring my routines and better habits into the holiday season. While Monday through Friday has gotten so much better, I’m still striving to tighten up my weekends so I’m making good choices almost the whole weekend.

We are so happy for Melanie and her amazing results!

If you want to get fit this fall and winter, then your time is now!

Less than 60 days until Christmas!

Imagine what you can do in 60 days!

Accountability is the #1 way to get fit now, and stay fit through the holidays.

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I’ll see you in the gym!

-Coach James

When “Self-Care” Turns Into Amazing Results

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