Trainer Spotlight: Samantha Lane!

Trainer Spotlight: Samantha Lane!

Sam is one of the newer coaches at Hustle One, but her coaching career began back in 2012 when she first started helping clients reach their goals. During a hiatus from coaching because of covid and moving to Charleston from Knoxville, she had the urge to get back into coaching!

Trainer Spotlight: Samantha Lane!

Sam usually coaches one the the morning classes throughout the week, and on the weekends. She recently earned her USA Weightlifting Level-1 certification. Sam has a passion for helping others improve their technique and strength with the barbell.

Sam also owns her own time management company where she helps others individually, and travels to speak at larger events and helps other corporations.

Trainer Spotlight: Samantha Lane!

Samantha’s favorite movements include anything with the barbell, and she admits she is focusing on improving her conditioning. When she’s not at the gym, you can most likely catch her at a local coffee shop or hitting the beach with her husband, Mark, and her dog!

We are extremely grateful to have Sam on our coaching staff. We love the positive impact she has on our clients and community!

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Trainer Spotlight: Samantha Lane!


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