Trainer Spotlight: AJ Grim!

Trainer Spotlight: AJ Grim!

AJ has been a member at Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley for more than 2 years now. He originally joined the gym after covid. AJ wanted to immerse himself in a workout community that was close to his home.

Trainer Spotlight: AJ Grim!

A few months after being a member, we knew that he was an important part of our community and saw he had a passion for helping others.

Paired with his Exercise Science background, we knew he would make a great coach!

Trainer Spotlight: AJ Grim!

AJ has now been a coach for over a year and a half. You can mostly catch him Friday mornings and on the weekends coaching our Lift+Sweat class.

Some of AJ’s favorite movements include barbell cleans and weighted pull-ups.

When AJ is not at the gym, him and his wife, Izzy, have a passion for the outdoors and doing anything active. He loves fishing, hiking, riding bikes, and enjoys taking their dog, Denali, to the beach!

We are extremely fortunate to have AJ as a member of our coaching staff and community, and love all that he brings to the table!

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Trainer Spotlight: AJ Grim!

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