Top Gifts That Keep Giving

Top Gifts That Keep Giving

Shopping season is here, and we know you are trying to find that perfect gift.

Have you ever thought of giving a gift that keeps giving?

We all know health is wealth, but do you know how impactful it can be for someone to give the gift of fitness this holiday season.

The gift is not a gym membership.

You’re gifting them fitting in jeans they haven’t worn since college.

You are gifting them the strength and conditioning to play with their kids and not get tired.

The gift is helping a loved one come off of their prescriptions.

The gift is a better quality of life, and helping a friend live the life they deserve.

So, this holiday season, give the gift that keeps giving.

Here’s Hustle One’s Top Gifts That Keep Giving
1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Benefits of personal training include:

  • Fast track to results
  • The highest form of accountability
  • A professional trainer guiding you on your journey to success
  • A plan- no more thinking of what to do at the gym each day!

The biggest pitfall of your friends and family is signing up for a cheap gym membership and going once on January 1st, only to never return again.

Don’t let your loved ones be another statistic, and just another “New Years Resolutioner.” Better yet, invite them with you for 2:1 sessions!

90 Day Experience

Our 90 Day Experience is a great way to help your family or friends begin their fitness journey.

While Personal Training at our West Ashley location reigns supreme, the 90 Day Experience can be customized to fit any individual’s needs.

The benefits of the 90 Day Experience include:

  • 90 Day focus on goals
  • 6 initial Fundamental sessions
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions with a coach
January Jumpstart

In January, we will have a new group going through our Fundamental Program.

While we understand now might not be the best time to begin something new, due to prior commitments, we are scheduling and signing up clients to get them started right in the New Year.

This is one of the best things you can do for a loved one: give them the commitment and accountability of a professional trainer to help them get started.

Goal Setting Seminar

2022 will kick off with quarterly Goal Setting Seminars!

These seminars will include presentations that will cover fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindset, stress, and other general lifestyle factors that influence your over all health.

Each seminar will include a break out session with a coach to come up with your own personalized 90 Day Sprint.

We invite all to these seminars. No matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, reorganizing your goals and focusing for 90 days at a time will be key to your success!

Limited spots available! We provide the highest value possible and we will reserve spots for friends and family of Hustle One members.

Our mission at Hustle One Fitness is to help 1,000 Charlestonians live the life they deserve by being the hero of their own story.

We do this by creating and sustaining 1-on-1 personal connections with all of our clients.

If you’re reading this, we want to start with you, or those closest to you!

Email James at [email protected] to learn how to give somebody the gift of fitness this holiday season!

Top Gifts That Keep Giving

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