Top 5 Fitness Ideas for 2023

Top 5 Fitness Ideas for 2023

It’s time to make a change for yourself.

It’s time to focus on you and your goals.

When it comes to fitness, health, working out, nutrition, there is A LOT of information, and misinformation, out there!

If you have serious goals for this year, first click HERE and I would love to create a 90 day plan for you.

Second, keep reading below as I lay out my Top 5 fitness ideas that can jumpstart your journey and help you reach your goals in no time!

You won’t want to miss #5!

Here’s my Top 5 list!
Stack Positive Habits

What is the easiest, positive thing you can do right now to get started?

Can you drink water before your morning coffee?

Can you walk for 30 minutes a day outside?

The point is to focus on one thing at a time, and take consistent, daily actions.

Most people have a handful of things they would like to accomplish. But, where do you start? (Start here.)

Instead of trying to conquer them all, focus on one thing at a time for 30 days.

Once that habit is second nature, add the new habit on top of that.

If you did this every month for this year, you would have 12 (twelve!) new habits in your daily routine!

Your life would be changed!

Find Your Minimum Effective Dose

Your minimum effective dose for exercise is a routine that you can 100% commit to each week.

Take the path of least resistance when it comes to going to the gym.

For runners, the minimum effective dose is something along the lines of three runs per week for 30-40 minutes at a 10 minute mile pace. That’s it.

The minimum effective dose is what you can sustain longterm that brings you closer to your goals, without being a detriment to your overall health.

I cannot tell you what’s right for you in this blog.

I would tell you to meet with a trained professional to determine that for you.

A coach will help you get more bang for your buck, and put you on the fast track to success. (Check out this article here!)

Fix Your Sleep

Your best night of sleep every night is dependent on routine and habit.

The way you set yourself up for success when it comes to sleep is not only on what time you go to bed, but actually how long you are asleep once in bed.

If you have trouble falling asleep, start your bedtime routine an hour before you actually getting into bed.

If you have trouble staying asleep, make sure you aren’t scrolling through your phone in bed.

Sleep is the key to health and longevity, and will help you make better decisions in the kitchen, help your work productivity, and ultimately help your workouts.

Balance Training

Yes, you could actually work on your balance.

But, what I mean is balance the way you train.

Incorporate different muscle groups into your workouts weekly.

Strength train, do high intensity intervals, and practice some yoga.

Working out does not have to be complicated. But it does need to be consistent.

Just like you have an accountant to do your taxes for you so you don’t have to think or stress about them.

You should also have a coach to program and deliver your workouts specifically for you, so you don’t need to think or stress about them.

We have more than 20 years of combined experience in my gym, and we help people everyday by providing programs perfect for them.

Don’t waste time, get a coach. (See why here!)

Train For Something

This is the most important one!!!

What is your why?

Why do you workout? Why do you eat healthy?

If there is no emotional connection to why you want to get fit, chances are you’ll drop off sooner.

Sure, you may want to lose 10 pounds. But, why?

Is it to see the number on the scale go down by 10?

Or, is it because you have these pair of jeans hanging in your closet that you want to look and feel good in again?

If I had to guess, you wearing those jeans again would make you 100% more happy than just focusing on the number on the scale.

You need a ‘why.’

When you find your ‘why,’ you’ll find clarity too.

Those are my Top 5 Fitness Ideas for 2023!

If you need direction.

If you need a plan.

Let me know.

I will sit down with you, and you and I will work together on a plan perfect for you.


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