The Power of Consistency: Show Up and Transform Your Fitness Journey

The Power of Consistency: Show Up and Transform Your Fitness Journey

In the world of fitness, where motivation often waxes and wanes, there’s one factor that stands out as a game-changer—consistency. I’ve witnessed this truth firsthand, and it’s something I want to share with all of you who are on your fitness journey.

While my role as a coach primarily involves training sessions, it’s essential to acknowledge the administrative work that’s integral to my profession. Membership retention is a priority, and part of that process involves reaching out to members who’ve taken a break from the gym. During one of these conversations, I came across a mindset issue that’s holding many back from reaching their fitness goals.

All or Nothing Mentality vs. Reality

Let’s talk about the “all or nothing” mentality.

It’s the idea that when you set foot in the gym, you must be prepared to give it your all, or you might as well not show up at all. Does this sound familiar? It’s a common mindset, but it’s one that can hinder progress.

The truth is, life is unpredictable.

There are days when we don’t feel our best. It could be due to a restless night’s sleep, a challenging day at work, poor nutrition, or simply a lack of motivation. It’s important to understand that these feelings are entirely normal, and they affect everyone, including coaches and elite athletes.

Just Show Up vs. All or Nothing

Here’s the shift in mindset that I encourage: “Just show up.”

Even on those days when you’re not at your best, showing up is an act of resilience. It builds self-confidence and grit. You might wonder, “But what if I can’t give 100%, coach? Won’t you be disappointed?” The answer is a resounding no.

As your coach, my role is to support you in getting what you came for.

It’s crucial to understand what this phrase means. If you’ve had a rough night’s sleep or a tough day, communicate with your coach about your state. It’s my responsibility to ask the right questions to tailor the day’s training to match how you’re feeling.

Customizing your workout can go both ways. On days when you feel great and energized, you’re welcome to challenge yourself with heavier weights or more complex exercises. On tougher days, when life takes its toll, we’ll adjust to ensure your safety and progress.

Get What You Came For

In the end, it’s all about consistency.

Commit to a schedule that you can realistically maintain, and then, just show up. Even on your most challenging days, you’ll likely find that you feel better when you walk out of the gym. The weight of daily life may not seem as heavy as when you walked in.

In summary, it’s not about giving it your all every time. It’s about showing up and keeping the momentum going. Your fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s the consistent steps, even on the toughest days, that will ultimately lead to success.

So, my message to you is simple: Show up, be consistent, and watch how your fitness journey transforms.

If you need help showing up for yourself, for your health, and for those that rely on you (kids, family), then simply click this link and chat with a coach today.


The Power of Consistency: Show Up and Transform Your Fitness Journey

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