The Hustle One Open is coming. Are you in?

The Hustle One Open is coming. Are you in?

As you may have heard, the CrossFit Open 2021 is coming March 11th!

The Open is a 3-week worldwide competition with one workout per week. Workouts are released Thursday Nights at 8:00pm and you have until Monday night at 8:00pm to do the workout. There are divisions and scaled versions of every workout, including the No Equipment Division!

The open serves many important functions in our community:
It provides the opportunity to measure how your fitness is improving;
It pushes you to accomplish new skills;
It’s a ton of community fun! 

Along with the open, we are doing a friendly in-house competition.

The Hustle One In-House Open!

You will be placed in one of two teams and battle it out for a chance to win your team the trophy!

Unlike the CrossFit Open, you have until Wednesday night at 8:00pm to upload your score to SugarWod!

In addition to the workouts on Fridays, we will be hosting a “Friday Night Lights” starting at 4:45pm. Athletes can come in and do the workout in heats in a fun competitive environment.

The last week’s workout will be Friday evening (March 26th) with post-open celebration afterwards!

Doing the workouts at “Friday Night Lights”, posting your scores to the leaderboard, cheering on other heats, posting social media posts with your team, and color coordinating are all ways you can score points for your team. 

This is a time of year where we all come together to push ourselves and each other to test our fitness.

Let’s all have some fun, do some hard workouts, and grab some beers with some friends to recover from those hard workouts!

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