The Hustle One Open is Back! Are you in?

The Hustle One Open is back! Are you in?

As you may have heard, the 2022 Hustle One Open is coming February 24th!

The Open is a 3 week in-house competition with one workout per week. Workouts are released Thursday nights, we will host “Friday Night Lights,” and you will have until Wednesday night to submit your score on SugarWOD.

There are divisions and scaled versions of every workout. So everybody can participate!

The open serves many important functions in our community:
It provides the opportunity to measure how your fitness is improving;
It pushes you to accomplish new skills;
It’s a ton of community fun! 

We cannot wait to bring back our friendly in-house competition.

The Hustle One In-House Open!

We will have two teams: Team Burgundy & Team Black.

You will be randomly placed on a team and battle it out for a chance to win your team the trophy!

Every Friday beginning on February 25th, we will be hosting a “Friday Night Lights” starting at 4:45pm. Athletes can come in and do the workout in heats in a fun competitive environment!

The last week’s workout will be Friday evening (March 11th) with post-open celebration afterwards!

Doing the workouts at “Friday Night Lights”, posting your scores to the leaderboard on SugarWOD, cheering on other heats and teammates, and color coordinating are all ways you can score points for your team!

What’s New This Year- Part 1

The Open workouts will expose you to new skills, movements, and challenges.

We want you to be as prepared as possible this year!

So, we are introducing our new Skill Clinics!

We will be having three clinics, where you will work closely with a coach to learn, improve, or master a new skill that may pop up in an Open workout!

Skills include: pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle-ups, double unders, handstand push-ups, pistols, and more!

If you really want to take your fitness to the next level, attend 1, or all 3, of these clinics!

The first clinic is on February 5th- don’t miss out!

What’s New This Year- Part 2

In addition this year, we will be hosting a Personal Training Open!

For the 3 weeks during the Open, there will be friendly challenges that anybody can do.

These challenges may include a healthy plate challenge where you send pictures of your healthy meals to your trainer.

Another challenge may be accumulating other forms of fitness outside of the gym!

At the end of the three weeks, we will tally up points and crown the first winner of the Personal Training Open!

This is the time of year where we all come together to push ourselves and each other to test our fitness.

Let’s use The Open as a jumping off point to propel our fitness this spring.

This is the best time of the year at Hustle One Fitness, and we cannot wait to share it with you all!

The Hustle One Open is back! Are you in?

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