Strength Training for Women

Strength Training for Women

At Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley, we prioritize strength training because of its benefits, and it can help anybody with any goal, no matter your fitness level.

Strength training has numerous benefits such as increasing lean muscle mass and reducing inflammation.

It also helps you burn more calories, burn more fat, and increases your BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate) over the course of a day.

And, strength training helps you feel good and look amazing!
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If you are short on time to workout, prioritize a strength and resistance training workout over a cardio workout to get more bang for your buck.

The amount of calories required to repair cells is directly correlated to lifting weights, repairing, and building muscle tissue aka resistance training.

The excess fat stores in your body provide the energy to make this all happen.

Burn more fat, exercise less.

To sum it up, strength training provides you with higher fat loss throughout the course of a day, and we can help show you how.

Here are 10 Tips for adding strength training into your workout routine:
  1. Start with a warm-up: Before starting your strength training, it is important to warm up to prevent injury and increase blood flow to the muscles you will be working.
  2. Focus on compound exercises: Compound exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, target multiple muscle groups and help build overall strength.
  3. Vary your routine: Mixing up your exercises and training different muscle groups can help avoid boredom and prevent plateaus.
  4. Progress slowly: Gradually increase the weight you are lifting and the number of reps you are doing to avoid overuse injuries and see continual improvement.
  5. Use proper form: Good form is key for maximizing strength gains and avoiding injury. Make sure to follow proper technique for each exercise.
  6. Allow for recovery: Give your muscles time to recover between strength training sessions, usually 48-72 hours.
  7. Use proper equipment: Invest in good quality equipment to support your joints and muscles while lifting.
  8. Incorporate isolation exercises: Isolation exercises target specific muscle groups and can help you achieve specific strength goals.
  9. Use both heavy and light weights: Alternating between heavy weights for low reps and light weights for high reps can help increase strength and muscular endurance.
  10. Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated is important for overall health. But it is especially important for strength training as dehydration can impact muscle performance.

If you feel lost in the gym, we can help!

Every workout you do with a trainer at Hustle One Fitness is focused on you and your abilities.

If you are in need of motivation and accountability for you to reach your goals, then CLICK HERE to chat with a coach today!

Strength training is the best way to reach your goals fast, and get fit for summer! (Read more here!)

Strength Training for Women

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