Nutrition Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals

Nutrition Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals

Your goals are important to you.

Your goals are important to us.

At our West Ashley gym, we can control your effort and maximize your time when you are in our gym for your workouts and personal training sessions.

As personal trainers, we cannot fully control what you do outside of the gym.

Generally, the missing key to your success is in the kitchen.

If you eat well, you will maximize your personal training sessions and workouts even more.

The better you workout, the faster you will reach your goals.

Tyrone is great at getting to the gym and working hard while he is there.

But, when it came to his body composition goals, he felt like he was not reaching where he wants to be.

When our nutrition kickstart was announced, Tyrone saw it as a great opportunity to jumpstart his year and reach his goals! (Check out our nutritionist page here!)

His focuses were:

  • Protein after his morning workouts
  • Meal prepping so he has lunches and snacks at work
  • Limiting eating out
Tyrone worked hard for 4 weeks, and lost 12 pounds and increased his muscle mass in his chest, arms, and legs!

Tyrone has the accountability of his personal trainer at the gym, and his wife at home to make sure he stays on track with his nutrition.

It’s an amazing feeling when you finally piece together the puzzle and find your own success!

If you want to find success like Tyrone, click here to meet and chat with one of our personal trainers today.

These Free Goal Setting sessions will highlight your pathway to success and help you get started.

We hope to see you in the gym!

Nutrition Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals

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