Is Getting To The Gym Harder Than The Workout?

Is Getting To The Gym Harder Than The Workout?

This blog will share advice from our West Ashley, SC members on what helps them get to the gym- keep reading!

Sometimes the workout isn’t the most difficult part of your fitness routine.

Getting to the gym is!

We work with our clients everyday to hold them accountable to their goals.

When it comes to your goals, consistency is key. And it all begins by getting to the gym.

Here’s advice from our members:

“I like going after work because it’s a tremendous stress reliever. I end up going home afterward, showering, and then I feel amazing while cooking dinner. Also helps me to choose healthier nutrition options because I feel good and see results from the healthy eating.”

“The early alarm stinks! But, it feels so good after. The 5am and 6am humans are so motivating and amazing. Come join us!”

Get to the gym!

“I am not a morning workout person at all! But, I schedule my personal training sessions in the AM so that I can start the day fresh, and have energy! I love the accountability of my personal training because it gets me out of bed!”

“Remember there will likely be an adjustment. Be patient. It takes roughly 21 days of consistently performing an activity to build a habit! Stick with it! And if you need a person to call or text as your back up alarm, there is no shortage of people and coaches who will send a text or call!”

“For me it was all about prioritizing sleep because I knew if I didn’t sleep enough I was not waking up. So now I’m a grandma and go to bed between 9:00-9:30 for 6am. But also, the night before, make your coffee, get your stuff together, it’ll help!”

“I never thought I’d be someone who works out in the morning before work but now I’m so sluggish if I don’t! It’s all about creating a new routine which sometimes may need to be flexible and that’s okay.”

Small, actionable habits everyday will help you reach your goals.

If getting to the gym is your biggest hurdle, then click here and we can lend you some advice!

Often times, having a plan makes getting to the gym easier.

So, if you’re ready to stop snoozing your alarm every morning, and ready to start working to your goals, then click here to learn more about how we will help you take that first step!

We’ll see you in the gym!

Is Getting To The Gym Harder Than The Workout?

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