Hustle One Fitness Member Spotlight: Melanie McGrath

Melanie has embodied the Hustle One spirit from the moment she joined us – her megawatt smile will brighten anyone’s day!

Read along to learn more about Melanie, and how joining Hustle One has transformed her health and fitness and taken her closer to her goals!

What brought Melanie to Hustle One in the first place?

“I have been working out in other gyms for a couple years and really hit a slump. I started a stressful job and just couldn’t drag myself to the gym where I was a member at the time. I decided to give Hustle One a try. The coaches listened to my personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses and offered me immediate accountability and a welcoming gym home. I received motivating texts urging me to set aside my stress and make it to class the next morning and Hustle One got me back into my groove! Never have I gotten texts from gym owners checking on me and genuinely caring about my well-being and progress.”

Melanie’s first impression hasn’t changed in the past 6 months…

“When I first showed up to a trial class, I saw that the class was pretty intimate (around 6 people). At first I was a little nervous because everyone obviously knew each other, but everyone was super friendly. 6 months later, my first impression hasn’t really changed…the gym has grown slightly larger, but everyone is friendly, welcoming, loving, and the level of coaching and equipment quality is superior.”

We love to celebrate “Bright Spots!” Read to learn about Melanie’s first Bright Spot!

“My first bright spot was when I was probably on my third class and I realized how strong relationships were in the gym. People at Hustle One genuinely are friends and reach out to every new member and make them feel at home. I felt comfortable and had already built bonds just in the first few classes. Hustle One has the atmosphere of acceptance and not being scared to try things.”

So far, what is Melanie’s favorite memory?

“There are so many great memories at Hustle One! Weirdly enough, my favorite memories come from quarantine when I felt isolated and life was so odd. Hustle One went above and beyond other gyms and so there were amazing, energy filled workouts, but the Friday night Zoom happy hours were the best! I got to learn so much about everyone at the gym, laugh A TON, and just have a great time.”

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