From Mountain Biking and Ultimate Frisbee To Pull-ups and Snatches: Meet Miles and Learn About His Story

We just have to share Miles’ incredible fitness story!

Miles has been a member of the Hustle One Fitness community since early in the fall 2019. He has always had an athletic and adventurous background: mountain biking, running, ultimate frisbee, hiking. It was these activities that kept him fit and in shape.

Never before did he pursue working out and weightlifting as a means to stay in shape. We wanted to know the “why” behind Miles’ wanting to join a gym and finding a new way to get in shape.

Here is his story!

I have been telling myself that I want to take my personal fitness more seriously for the last 5 years and never really made any lasting effort to do so. As I am staring down my 30th birthday, I wanted to arrive at that age feeling good about my body. I came to the realization that I am someone who doesn’t want to plan workouts and I need the accountability of a class start time. That led me to start thinking about and seeing what gyms were around me. 

My first impression was that Hustle One was different in all the right ways. Everything from the gym space, to the coaching, and the sense of community has made me feel comfortable and excited to work towards my goals. That hasn’t changed to this day. I really like the gym, the size of the classes, the individual feedback I’ve gotten, and the results thus far are proof of that.

I had always avoided barbells because I was afraid of poor form leading to injury. There was a point during my first month with Hustle One where we were doing a lot of barbell movements in class. As I got set over the bar, I realized that not only had I shed my hesitation, but I was excited to walk around the bar and get set up for the rep. That change in perception, and level of comfort with a barbell has been huge for me.

Pull-ups and snatches are two movements that I would really like to improve. My upper body, and especially my shoulder strength, has always been pretty poor so it’s something I want to tackle head on.

My favorite Hustle One Memory is seeing my progress photos from just 2 months! It was wild to see the side by side photos and think ‘Whoa, I did that’. The difference that working out at Hustle One has made already is incredibly motivating and I can’t wait to see how I progress in the months to come.

Miles is the hero of his own story.

He took it upon himself to seek out help, and we are so lucky he entrusted Hustle One Fitness with his goals.

We know Miles is staying motivated, and we cannot wait for his continued success!

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