Fall 2023 Lift+Sweat Programming Cycle

Fall 2023 Lift+Sweat Programming Cycle

Summer is over and fall is quickly approaching!

This past summer has seen amazing gains, progress, and personal records at Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley!

Some of our members did their first ever handstand.

Some of our members did their first ever toes to bar, pull-ups, and double-unders.

And, a lot of our members gained strength and improved technique with the barbell.

At the end of every Lift+Sweat cycle, our hope is to see improvement and increased fitness across the board.

We love to see you improve in every aspect of fitness, and most importantly stay committed and consistent with it everyday.

So, what’s next?

Fall 2023 Lift+Sweat Programming Cycle

Our main theme for our next programming cycle is “progression.”

We want to keep building off of the string foundations from last cycle and the focus on the front squat, handstand, and barbell cycling. Our goal with this upcoming cycle is to take those movements to the next level and transfer them to other movements and workouts!

Here are the main focuses of our Fall Lift+Sweat Programming Cycle:

  • Strength: Texas Method is going back to our 5×5 lifting routine. Additionally in this cycle, we are going to be implementing a ton of unilateral strength work: this is great to help with muscle imbalances, getting stronger overall, and to help prevent injury! If you are running the Kiawah Marathon in December, you definitely don’t want to miss our unilateral strength training days!
  • Gymnastics: Our goal by the end of this cycle is to help you get your first muscle up!
  • Olympic Lifting: We will be putting the clean and jerk together to go for a max lift from the floor.

One of the best features we are adding into our upcoming programming cycle is a collaboration with Coach Rebecca and Go The Distance Physical Therapy!

As a member of Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley, you will have access to rehab and accessory programs. You will gain access to a lower back and shoulder program. These programs can be done at anytime, or during our new and enhanced open gym hours, and will help you stay strong, healthy, and in the gym longer!

Our goal with our programming is to always make them fun, accessible, and most importantly: Put Your Fitness First!

With these new upgrades and enhancements to our programming model for our Lift+Sweat classes, we cannot wait to see you take your fitness to the next level.

To gain all the benefits, remember: Consistency breeds results. Start by committing yourself to our strength training days on Monday and Fridays, and plan to make it to the gym 3-4 times per week.

If you do that alone, your fitness and results will go through the roof!


Fall 2023 Lift+Sweat Programming Cycle

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