Don’t Give Up December

Don’t give up December.

You most likely live in Charleston because you do not like the cold.

But, whether you like it or not, darker days, colder months, and harsher climates are hitting us, even in Charleston.

With less daylight, colder average temperatures, and bad weather, our normal daily rhythms are going to be thrown off.

We are all more likely to move less, stay up later, and typically succumb to eat high calorie, lower quality, comfort foods all the time.

Every year I have to personally battle the “I’ll wait until January” mindset. 

When I think like this, I’m more likely to move less, eat more, and more likely to indulge in foods or cocktails I normally wouldn’t.

Why? Because it’s Christmas time.

Just reading that does not make sense.

With this “I’ll wait until January mindset,” I’m throwing all of the hard work I’ve put in the gym and into my nutrition out the window. For what? For three instances where I should enjoy myself.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve are times where you should indulge and not feel guilty.

But if we do the math, those three dates comprise only 3-5 meals out of an ENTIRE month!!

Just because social pressure is high to curl into the couch with a holiday box of chocolate does not mean you have to give up until January.

You have a choice!

If health and fitness is part of your lifestyle, that means there’s something meaningful about those things to you.

You’ve likely made a choice at some point to do things differently, even if it means saying no to family or friends, going to bed a little earlier, not having that drink or piece of pie – because you know that you get something good in return in the form of energy, vitality, strength, or aesthetic goals.

There is an opportunity to approach things another way this month.

You have a choice in giving up for the month and trying to get it together next year, or a choice to enjoy a few special meals and treats and keep it to that.

Here is my proposal:

For the rest of December, every single day do the following (even on the weekends):

7-10k steps

Eat 1 salad a day

Eat 85% of your bodyweight in grams of lean protein daily (examples 200 lbs = 170grams protein, 150 lbs = 127.5grams protein)

Starting today you have 25 days left in the month.

If you can hit these three items above for 22 or more of those 25 days, I’d put money on you being more happy and satisfied with your body when you reach Jan 1st than any holiday season of your life.

25 days is still A LOT of time to make a change.

We all need accountability this time of year.

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Worse thing that could happen is that you’ll be closer to your goals on January 1st than ever before.

Don’t give up December. There is an opportunity to approach things another way this month. Reach your goals doing these 3 things.

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