COVID has made us a better gym, and here’s how you will benefit

Happy August!

Over the last months, the fitness industry has gone through a lot of changes. 

The COVID Crisis was a great leap forward in the evolution of the fitness industry—and that’s good news for you.

Don’t get us wrong: We wish the pandemic could have been avoided, but we’re determined to find a silver lining. 

Yes, gyms were closed and some even went under, but the coronavirus forced us to find new tools and new ways to help people. We packed a few decades of learning into a few months, and now we’re even better at what we do.

Without physical spaces, gym owners had to get creative to connect with their clients and help them stay fit. When we pushed ourselves to find new ways to serve you, here’s what we realized:

We’re not just a gym. We’re a coaching business.

Of course we like seeing everyone doing burpees and squats in our space, but COVID taught us that we can coach people without a physical location if we have to. And we can also help people in the 23 hours they aren’t in the gym.

We’ve discovered that people need coaching in a few main areas: exercise, nutrition and lifestyle (think sleeping, healthy habits, stress management, personal growth and so on). 

Most gym owners only focus on the first element—exercise, which is really important. In the last months, we learned that we can help you stay fit with or without a space, and we’re now experts in online coaching. Travelling? We’ve got you covered with programming and accountability. Can’t get to the gym for any reason? We can get you moving at home. Want to blend in-person and at-home training to save time? Done! 

Beyond exercise, we want to do even more for you, so nutrition is an area of increased focus for us. We can coach you to better decisions in the kitchen and provide resources and education to keep you motivated. Just like we improve your squat in each session, we can help you reach for the snacks that will make you feel like a superhero in your workouts.

Finally, we learned that we’re really good at helping people change behaviors to accomplish goals of all kinds. That might mean providing some accountability to make sure you head to bed at a decent hour or helping you create a schedule that lets you find time to blow off some stress. If you have a goal unrelated to fitness, let us know what it is—we might be able to help!

Overall, we’ve expanded our mindset. We want to help you move, but also eat well, sleep well and manage other aspects of your life. We want to help you thrive as a person.

You might have noticed increased contact during the COVID Crisis. We couldn’t see you in the gym, so we had to stay in touch in other ways. That increased contact won’t go away even when the pandemic does. We’re invested in you, and we want to get to know you better and help you more. We’ve got so many new tools at our disposal, and we want to see what you can accomplish.

So where are you in life right now? 

Hit reply and let us know how you’re doing.

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Is there anything we can help with? Are you struggling with anything? Are there any barriers in your way to health and fitness? Are you flying high? 

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P.S. We appreciate you. We can never say that enough. Thanks for being a part of our healthy community!

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