Client Testimonials: What Keeps Them Motivated?

Client Testimonials: What Keeps Them Motivated?

At Hustle One Fitness, we put your fitness first in everything we do.

Our goal is to make sure you get your best workout anytime you step into our gym in West Ashley.

Over 480 classes for Erin!

Personal training is the most effective and efficient way to achieve your results, because it’s all about you! Our personal trainers focus on you and your goals, and will help you see results within your first 60 days. Read this for why personal training is invaluable!

Hustle One group fitness classes are personal training in a small group environment. A coach is there to lead you through your workout, and you have the added support and motivation from other classmates to work hard and have fun.

Reaching your goals is not easy. But, we have members who have done over 300, 400, and are close to 500 workouts in less than 3 years!
100 Personal Training sessions!

We asked them what has helped them remain committed for so long, and here are their answers:

“Community and having new things in the gym to look forward too. Without new things, it can get boring so I always make sure to try different workouts and have fun!”

“I would say the sense of community, socializing, and friends encouraging me even when I am in a rut!”

Over 400 classes!

“It’s a combo of a few things. Working out is an outlet for stress, for fun, and to get stronger. Getting a PR is such a rush and makes me want to keep pushing myself harder. Second, the workouts being different everyday helps with not getting stuck into a boring gym routine! And third, the environment at the gym is so supportive and awesome, that it’s hard to not want to come back! I’m naturally an introvert, so I was resistant at first but I really got sucked into the atmosphere here and working out with your friends is always fun.”

“It’s honestly the people and gym environment! Motivation for me fluctuates, so it’s great having other members and coaches message me to make sure I show up to the gym on my workout days. The people make me want to come workout during the phases where my motivation is super low which makes long term commitment easier!”

“I feel like people at Hustle One Fitness truly care about keeping me on track and motivated.”

Over 400 classes!

Our current clients came to us because they needed accountability and motivation to help reach their goals.

They all had to start somewhere, and now don’t look back!

If you need accountability and motivation to not only get started reaching your goals, but continuing to reach your goals, we can help!

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This free conversation will help dig into your goals, and get to the root of your ‘why’ behind your goals.

We’re coming up on half-way through 2022, and if you have not began on your New Year’s Resolutions, then now’s the time!

Client Testimonials: What Keeps Them Motivated?

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