Client Story: Greg S.

Client Story: Greg S.

Greg joined Hustle One Fitness over a year ago, because he wanted to switch up his workout routine.

Primarily a runner, Greg would also go to other gyms that had a lot of space and equipment, but lacked community and connection.

He found exactly what he was looking for at Hustle One Fitness: a community of members wanting him to succeed, and a team of trainers willing to connect and learn more about his goals and motivations.

Since joining our gym in West Ashley, Greg is stronger and lifts more, and can now do muscle ups!

Greg always shows up to his workouts with a positive attitude and ready to work hard towards his goals!

Here is his story!

“My friend Katie wouldn’t stop raving about her new gym, Hustle One, so I figured why not try it out!

Most recently, I was a member at other gyms, but none of those gyms had the communal atmosphere that I was searching for.

I wanted to try a different workout to challenge myself.

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Gym in West Ashley

My favorite memory so far was getting my first muscle up! I had never done anything like that before, and it was exciting!

Also, the Halloween costume workout was fun!

Before each workout, I tell myself that I will always feel better after the workout, whether I’m having a good day or not.

Simply, working out improves my mood! And especially with a new baby girl, working out keeps me energized!

I always think about hitting my minimum goal of 4 workouts/week.

If I had to talk to myself before I started at Hustle One Fitness, I’d tell myself not to hesitate and join Hustle One sooner rather than later!

Don’t be intimidated, open up, and socialize with the members because everybody there supports one another.”

Our goal at our small, West Ashley, SC gym is to help you reach your goals.

We do this by forming 1-on-1 personal connections with each client, so we can better understand their goals and the motivations to reach those goals.

It all begins with a free conversation with one of our professional coaches to build a path for you.

If you would like to chat with a coach today, click here to schedule your session!

The first step is always the most difficult, but if you can take that first step, then you can accomplish anything!

Client Story: Greg S.

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