Member of the Month: Melanie McGrath

Congratulations to April’s Member of the Month: Melanie McGrath!

Melanie was chosen as this month’s Member of the Month because she exemplifies Hustle One’s values. She seeks out her trainers routinely for help and advice to make sure she’s always improving, and also doesn’t hesitate to ask her trainers for scaled options if she is dealing with an injury. Her energy during the Open this year was infectious.

We are so proud of how far she has come as an athlete and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!

Where did you grow up?

South Carolina native! (Marion about 50 mins outside of Myrtle Beach)

When did you become a member of Hustle One Fitness?

I joined at the end of last January, so I’ve been a member a little over a year.

What do you do when you are not at Hustle One Fitness?

I love to read and go places with my pups. With the warm weather, we’ll take the dogs boating more frequently and enjoy the beautiful weather.

How did you find out about Hustle One Fitness?

I was a member of another gym and in a huge rut. So, I started wondering what kind of change I needed to really engage my fitness and get back to a good place. I started following Hustle One on Instagram since I saw them engaging the community in events, and reached out to James figuring I would give it a try.

When/How did you realize Hustle One Fitness was the right fit for you?

James asked me straight up what my goals are and what support I need. I got accountability texts to force me out of the stress of work and it got me into the gym. Hustle One is an amazing community. I am now friends with some of the most amazing, genuine people who consistently show up, motivate each other to be the best they can be, and treat each other like a family. 

What is your favorite movement (ex: Cleans, Running etc)?

Cleans all day!

What is your least favorite movement?

Overhead squats and burpees. 

What motivates you to stay fit?

Although of course I want to look good and feel “in shape,” one of the most important things about working out is the stress relief and therapeutic feeling a good workout provides. When I go to Hustle One, I feel better and my day always turns out to be a good one even if it was tough.

What is something about you that Hustle One members do not know yet?

As much as I say I dislike cardio, I actually love to run; if anyone wants to have a run club or train for a race/ run of some sort, let me know!

What advice would you give to someone just getting started at Hustle One Fitness?

Starting a new fitness routine or at a new gym can be intimidating, but Hustle One has really amazing people and coaching; if this type of workout is new to you, stick with it (even if you’re really sore for a few days!) and invest in yourself…you’ll be amazed what Hustle One coaching can do for you! 

What are you working on next?

I’m stoked to start the next Pure Aesthetics cycle with Jeremy and see what kind of gains I will make!

Congratulations again to April’s Member of the Month: Melanie McGrath!

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