Adventure, Fitness, and Writing Your Own Story

We do this hard work in the gym to enable us to pursue adventure OUTSIDE the gym. On your deathbed, you might not care about how many pounds you lost, or how much muscle you have, but you WILL be glad you hiked the Appalachian Trail. And the pounds you shed and the muscles you grew helped you do it.

Few of us will ever be the smartest of our circles.

Few of us will ever be the best-looking.

Few of us will be the wealthiest.

Few of us will be the most popular.

But ALL of us can be interesting.

And fitness creates that opportunity better than anything else.

You don’t need wealth to run a marathon.

You don’t need to be handsome to climb Mt. Everest or drive across America.

But, running a marathon, climbing Mt. Everest, or driving across America will make you more interesting than any millionaire or model.

Your money won’t go with you after you pass.

But your story, if you have a good one, will survive. So I want you to write a good one.

My goal is to create interesting experiences for you.

To fill your book with memories, chapter by chapter. Many times, when I see people outside the gym, they’ll say “Hey, remember that time I …” and share a story from my gym. Many people have rewritten their life story at Hustle One Fitness.

Having a training goal is valuable to the point of necessity. Having a road map to help you achieve it is critical. But finishing with a great story—that’s really the goal of all of it. And fitness is the platform to get you there.

P.S. If your goal is to ride a bike, run a distance, or build a dock: You’re going to need the gym.

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