A Love/Hate Relationship With Hustle One: Mitch B.

A Love/Hate Relationship With Hustle One: Mitch B.

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In Mitch’s own words:

“Yeah, so what I hate about Hustle One. Hustle One has me waking up a lot earlier than I used to. Now I’m waking up at like 4:30am or five o’clock so I can make it in to work out. And I used to wake up at like seven or 7:30am.

The second thing is, it’s really hard. I come in, and then I go through whatever the workout is today. And I’m like, ‘Oh, gosh, why did I even come in today? Why did I do that? Why am I doing this?’

The third is they make us do a lot of cardio sometimes. And that really just runs me breathless.

I mean, there’s just a litany of things that I really dislike about coming to the gym all the time.

And I told James that whenever we started this whole thing, that I wasn’t going to like any of it.

However, what I love about Hustle One is how I feel.

Now that I wake up, I’m productive first thing in the morning. I love how I feel energized after the workout, and I’m ready to launch into the rest of the work day.

I’m having better conversations at work with, you know, sales conversations, with other co-workers. I’m more present.

And I love that I’m actually feeling and looking better, throughout my entire day and throughout my whole life.

My whole life has been changed, because I’m showing up four or five times a week to do this stuff that I hate doing.”

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A Love/Hate Relationship With Hustle One: Mitch B.

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