A Letter To New Exercisers

A Letter To New Exercisers

It’s almost the New Year and 2023 is here. At the front of your mind might be: “I need to get in shape.”

You’re about to do something amazing for yourself.

I understand how nerve racking and intimidating it might be to walk through the gym doors, or push the coffee table out of the way so you can make some more gym-space in your living room.

What’s inspirational to me is that you are stepping right over those fears and prioritizing yourself, your health, and your wellness.

It’s an investment that has the greatest return: a longer and happier life.

Personal Training, West Ashley

Here are a few things that I’ve picked up along the way that I want you to know.

You can do this!

We’ve helped people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds achieve more than they ever thought possible. Many of them are just like you, they only made the decision to get started a little earlier than you.

There will be days that are tough, defeating, and discouraging.

But there are so many more days that are inspiring, encouraging, and so kick-ass that they’ll leave you standing on top of the freaking world. I tell this a lot to all my new clients, “I’ve never heard anyone say they regretted working out. Only that they’ve regretted not working out.”

Most days are going to be pretty boring (that’s a good thing), but you’ll still feel amazing after.

You know that point I just listed above? Those are the ends of the bell curve. Most days you’ll be right in the middle. It’ll be the right amount of tough, and the right amount of fun.

Consistency is more important than effort.

I’d rather see you workout 4 days a week for the rest of your life than doing Whole 30 in January then waiting 335 days to start again.

There’s a community of people out there just like you who will support you throughout this entire journey… you just have to find them (come find us at Hustle One Fitness!)

A positive mind will go a long way. Doubting yourself is silly, because there’s nothing to doubt. You CAN get fit, CAN get healthier, and you CAN do this.

It’s really tough to decide you’re going to start working out, and I can’t express how proud I am of you.

But the decision is only the first step. The next? Walking through the front doors of that gym.

I’d be honored if it was at Hustle One Fitness.

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A Letter To New Exercisers

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