7 Reasons why you do not have to get in shape to start

This blog is about 7 reasons why you do not have to get in shape to start working out at Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley.

It’s scary to start a new fitness program—we are with you on that.

You’d love to find a gym that gets you real results that LAST. Though you’ve thought about joining a gym, all you can think about is how long it’s been since you were “on track” and how hard it’s going to be. You’re not sure you can handle the workouts.

Sure, working out is difficult, but over time (and not much time), you start to get the hang of it and find things you CAN do really well.

What you find at Hustle One Fitness is:
1 – The workouts are just like real life.

Getting out of a chair, picking up your bag, walking up stairs: these are all things you do in real life, and our workouts focus on those movements to help get you fit. If you can do those basic things, you can do our workouts.

2 – You start slowly.

You learn how to move before adding too much weight or intensity. We don’t want you to lift too much or go too fast at the beginning. Our goal is that you learn good form with light weights and slower workouts until you feel comfortable enough to add speed or weight.

3 – The focus is on showing up.

Until you can manage to show up at least 3 times per week, it doesn’t matter how fast you run, how much you lift, or what you can do. The program is focused on building good habits before adding intensity. Show up enough and you end up in amazing shape.

4 – No mirrors, no judgement.

We don’t care about how you look, how fast you go, or how much you lift unless you do. This goes for coaches and other members. The other folks in your classes are working so hard to improve themselves that they don’t have time to judge you. In fact, it’s the opposite … because most of us have been there, our community is all about supporting you in showing up, working hard, and achieving whatever goals are important to you.

5 – You’ll track and celebrate progress

You’ll notice that we put times or weights up on the board when you do your workout. We also encourage you to track them on our app. However, this is only because we want you to see how far you’ve come. If you do one push-up on Day 1, then on Day 90 you do 10, you want to recognize and acknowledge that progress. You only get that if you track your progress! (Note, this is not a requirement, some people are perfectly happy to never track a result and we support that, too.)

6 – You won’t do anything you don’t want to

Does your knee, shoulder, elbow, or neck bother you? No problem! We’ll change the workout so you don’t have to use them. Does the idea of running 400 meters scare the bejesus out of you? Let’s skip it and have you hop on a rower! The movements, times, and weights we put in our workouts are just suggestions. The goal is for you to get a good workout that fits for you every single time. Your coaches are there to make the workout work for you.

7 – What would you do otherwise?

How would you “get in shape” to do a workout program that promises to get you in shape? Would you run? Walk? Do Pilates or yoga? Just diet more? How would you know if you were in shape enough?

The goal of our program is to get you in the best shape of your life no matter where you start. If this is your goal, why would you start with anything else?

If you still want to fulfill that promise you made to yourself of finally getting fit, then we can help!

Click here to take that first step, and meet with one of our trainers.

Don’t look back. Look forward to the life you want to live, and get started today!

P.S. The worst that will happen is you meet new people, you have fun, you sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day!

7 Reasons why you do not have to get in shape to start


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