5 Everyday Fitness Tips

5 Everyday Fitness Tips

When we think about our goals and how to reach them, it may seem overwhelming.

You may have a long list in your head of things you have to do, buy, wear, and often times cut out from your life to reach your goals.

When I begin a new goal journey, I also focus on positive additions to my lifestyle. If I add in some good things to my everyday, then over time I will naturally let go of some bad habits, or things stopping me from making serious progress.

I wanted to share with you 5 easy ways to stay fit and reach your goals:

1- Hit the gym and stay consistent with your workout. I think we can all agree there’s not such thing as a bad workout. Yes, it may be hard and challenge you, but 100% of the time you will always feel amazing after your workout session.

2- Eat your greens. Veggies need to be a staple in many diet because of the micronutrients and vitamins that are in them. And, they make you feel better all the time!

3- Drink water before coffee. This is a small habit, but it has big effects! Every feel dehydrated, or wake up with a headache? Before you get your caffeine fix, give your body what it really needs after a nights sleep- Water.

4- Get sun exposure every day. I don’t have much to say about this one, other than get outside more!

5- Reward yourself with 20% of something fun like grabbing cocktails with friends!

If you want more in depth explanations of each, check out this short video I made!

If you need help incorporating any of these things into your daily routine, don’t be afraid to reach out or schedule a free, Goal Setting session with me. I would love to help you! At my personal training gym in West Ashley, we specialize in focusing on you and developing your perfect plan to help you reach your goals.

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I’ll see you in the gym!


5 Everyday Fitness Tips

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