5 Easy Steps to Find Your Motivation

5 Easy Steps to Find Your Motivation

Pro-level athletes are not more motivated than you are.

Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more.”

The best athletes in your gym have the same struggles with motivation that you do.

The difference? They know how to get motivated (and what to do when they don’t feel motivated at all).

Ask anyone at the highest levels of fitness: Sometimes they don’t feel like working out. And those folks with ripped abs? They want a slice of cake.

Here’s how to do it—and the great news is that you can use the SAME strategy they do.

So why do they work out anyway? Why do they stick to their meal plan when things get tough?

Get a coach.

You need somebody to remove the guesswork.

A coach will help you get results FAST.

Personal training is the best way to reach your goals in a short amount of time.

You need accountability. It’s easy to snooze your alarm when it’s just you.

It’s a lot harder when your personal trainer is waiting for you at our gym in West Ashley, SC.

Personal Training helps get results FAST!
Get a really fast result.

Do something on Day 1 that is easy.

Take the stairs.

Grab an afternoon apple instead of your usual candy bar.

Ask your personal trainer for 1 more set.

Our brains need to win, so that our bodies can follow.

Set up a short-term “challenge” for yourself … but have a plan for after the challenge ends.

In the first 30 days, set-up a challenge.

Let your coach guide you through those first 30 days, and push you to reach your first goal.

But don’t stop there! Most people drop off the edge when it ends, and many actually wind up worse than ever.

A challenge is only good if there is a next step.

If you don’t know what that next step should be, CLICK HERE to chat with our knowledgeable trainers today.

It will eventually become a habit.

Habits take time to build.

Creating a sustainable habit will be difficult at first, but once it’s a part of you, your future self will thank you!

It WILL get easier, but only if you keep the habit going. 

Sacrifice the time up front when you are starting out, so that the rest of your life is easy.

Personal Trainer West Ashley, SC
Track everything and check your progress.

Record where you begin.

Measure your progress every 2-4 weeks.

Compare these results with your baseline.

You improved? Great- keep it up!

You are still where you started? It’s time to work with a personal trainer so you don’t keep spinning your wheels.

I want you to know this: The days when you feel the LEAST motivation are the days you’ll get the BEST results.

How many times have you not wanted to workout?

How many times did you workout anyways?

I bet my money that on those days when you worked out when you didn’t want to, you felt amazing and 1,000% better for the rest of your day!

That’s a win! Keep it going!

It’s not about being perfect every time.

It’s about consistent, imperfect action over time.

You can do it! You wouldn’t have ready this blog this far if you didn’t think you were capable of reaching your goals!

I challenge you to take the first step, get a win, and email me your results at [email protected].

I guarantee you will feel amazing!

5 Easy Steps to Find Your Motivation

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