4 Questions to Assess Your Workout Routine

4 Questions to Assess Your Workout Routine

With all the options to sort through, it can be difficult to find the right workout program in West Ashley, SC.

So many gyms in West Ashley market as the “best” or the “only”, or “break-through fat-burning technology” and on and on.

What’s the best way to sort through the noise?

Here are four questions you can ask yourself to ensure you’re headed in the right direction:

“Do I enjoy it?”

If you enjoy the workouts, it will be easier to continue doing them.

Having a friend, or friends, participate with you can make it even more fun, and everyone benefits from having a little friendly accountability and motivation!

If it’s not fun, it’s going to be easy to quit.

Our main priority with personal training at Hustle One Fitness is to make fitness fun, so that you keep coming back for more.

“Does my Trainer know my personal goals?”
Personal Trainer in West Ashley, SC

If your Personal Trainer knows your name, that’s a great start (and a stretch for quite a few programs).

However, having a Personal Trainer who knows you on a 1-on-1 basis allows them to know your personal goals, your background, and the “why” behind what you’re trying to accomplish.

At Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley, we always begin with a No Sweat Intro to learn more about you, so that we know how to help you best.

Click here to schedule your FREE No Sweat Intro.

This simple bit of information and relationship can make the difference between your success or failure, or, your ability to get results. It’s easy to hide in the back of class and not do the things you need to do if no-one knows you, especially your Coach.

“Am I being challenged?”

Look for a program and routine that challenges you, but is a healthy balance.

You should work hard and feel like it after, but you should be able to drive home safely in a good state of mind too!

Every day doesn’t need to be a battle. Some days, breaking a sweat and burning some stress is exactly what you need. Pushing too hard can cause injuries, and not pushing hard enough keeps your body from changing and adapting, which is dangerous to your health as well – if you need better heart health etc, you need to work hard to get the benefits.

Having a Personal Trainer who knows you and your needs is a huge help.

Every session at Hustle One Fitness is personalized for your needs.

We like to call this “personal training in a group environment.”

“Do we spend time on the simple stuff?”

What was your first workout?

Was it in a group of 15-20 others that have already been working out for a period of time?

Or, was it 1-on-1 and at your own pace?

We want to build your confidence and comfortability before anything else. The last thing we want to see is you feeling discouraged, and unmotivated.

This is easily the most important benefit of Personal Training!

You are an individual person with individual goals and needs, and need to be treated so.

Everybody who walks through the doors of Hustle One Fitness in West Ashley is not a number.

We put your fitness first so that you can live the life you deserve.

These are just a few of the things to keep an eye out for in the world of fitness, especially with more and more money spent on flashy marketing and new this and that.

It’s worth your time to get back to the basics and see what you’re really getting!

Hopefully these 4 Questions to Assess Your Workout Routine help you make sure you are getting the best!


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