3 Steps to Make Nutrition Easy

3 Steps to Make Nutrition Easy

How are you doing with navigating your nutrition these days?

Are you feeling confident, confused, stuck, enthusiastic, bored, or some combination of them all?

Nutrition is definitely one place where we all share something in common. We must eat to survive.

The other unavoidable truth is that eating can dictate if you are thriving in life or just slogging along in a slow and steady decline of health and vitality.

Are you eating well enough to support your personal training workouts at out West Ashley gym?

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We have to eat. But the way in which we choose to eat can be the difference between just simply surviving and feeling optimal.

With an aim towards longevity, great aesthetics, energy to workout, and balance for enjoying your life, there are a handful of nutrition principles that align well with our training methodology.

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Here are 3 steps to make nutrition easy that you can implement right now!

How you consume your food and the quality of your food may very well be the most important single factor you can change in order to reap the nutritional health and aesthetic benefits of your food.

Remember: eat whole, real foods majority of the time.

It if comes from the earth, eat it.


The numbers matter but are NOT everything.

The numbers are usually what get people the initial results that either get them bought in for the long run or help them accomplish their short term goals before they rebound back to their starting place or worse.


Eventually, you will need to fall back on a foundation of self-awareness around food and how it makes your body feel.

If you think you are going to be able to follow a plan given to you for the rest of your life and that it will always connect to the person and place you are at in life, then you are MISTAKEN!

We like to break down our nutrition and lifestyle coaching into 3 phases.

The tricky thing about this approach is that while it is arguably the CORRECT order in which to build your nutritional base and fundamentals, it doesn’t give many clients what they WANT right out of the gates.

We all know the challenges of our NEEDS vs our WANTS.

3 Phases Of Nutrition
Phase 1 – Quality 

What types of foods are we choosing?

How are we consuming our foods?

Who is preparing our food?

Are we emphasizing protein as a principle macronutrient?

​​​​​​​Phase 2 – Quantity

How do I roughly calculate my average energy demands on a daily basis?

What ratio of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) should I eat to make up that calorie total?

How should I calculate the degree of a surplus or deficit I need to be in to move towards my goal?

Phase 3 – Questioning

What supplements should I be taking to complement my goals?

Is it appropriate for me to be practicing a fasting protocol? If so, which one should I try?

Should I dramatically shift my macros to follow a Keto approach, or experiment with carb cycling?

How do I optimize my nutrition around my training?

What we like about this 3 phase approach is that it clearly establishes a prioritization methodology for you to see visually and act out practically.

The purpose of that is to highlight that the vast majority of personal training client goals and success can be accomplished with dedicated work in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1 and 2 keep things simple from the start. Only focus on high quality foods, and eat to moderation. Once you have this handled, then you can move to higher level questioning and tinkering of your foods.

Do you want to take the first step in Phase 1?

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Just like you need a personal trainer, you most likely need a nutrition coach even more!

Our personal trainers specialize in helping those in our West Ashley gym remain accountable to their workout routine and nutrition plan.

P.S. Abs are made in the kitchen!

3 Steps to Make Nutrition Easy

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